Pick 'Em Contest 2023


1) Must be loyalty member to participate. Winner will have prize directly loaded to their account and receive EMAIL notification.

2)  Contest will run Weeks 1 thru 18 of the NFL football season.

3)  Each week, one person per metro area with the most correct picks will receive $500 Five-Four Funds loaded to their Rewards account.    

4)  Each guest may only fill out ONE Pick 'Em Contest form each week and must submit it by 12.00pm Sunday preceding the games.

5)  Guest will select the team they think will win each matchup. Then, they will enter the COMBINED TOTAL SCORE of the two teams from the Sunday Night game. In the event of a tie, the person closest to the combined score without going over of the Sunday Night game will be the winner. If still tied, we will split the winnings in half.

6)  54th Street retains the exclusive right to modify any contest rules at any time and discard any entries that do not comply.


NOTE: Weekly Winners will be contacted by email and also be posted on the website each Tuesday following the games.