The Five-Four Concept

54th Street is a restaurant chain founded in Kansas City, MO by Thomas E. Norsworthy. The owner envisioned a place that would appeal to both dining and bar customers but also offer the quality food and drinks that exceed national chain competitors. The result is an eclectic, retro style atmosphere that accommodates both a lively bar crowd and consistently crowded dining room, translating into a great experience for all types of patrons.

To top it off, the majority of the food is made from scratch daily. The restaurant’s motto is, “Great food starts with high quality meats and ingredients, fresh produce and meals prepared from scratch.”  But don’t worry; despite its upscale architecture and “Made from Scratch Cooking,” 54th Street maintains its casual dining prices. Some even refer to the concept as “Casual Dining Done Right!” 

54th Street welcomes you for all occasions. Drop in for Happy Hour with friends, celebrate a special occasion, enjoy a family night out or fly solo! Ultimately, it’s your time. Join us, experience 54 and share the 54 experience with others.

The Evolved Five-Four

At 54th Street, it has been our goal to improve upon and upgrade our facilities over time in order to differentiate ourselves from the competitor. As a result, both the interior and exterior of Five-Four has evolved into an polished casual atmosphere while maintaining casual dining prices. Specifically, Tom Norsworthy worked with professionals to create a more unique look that built upon the original concept. Together, they have incorporated a mixture of interior and exterior upgrades. The building's exterior now has a softer, more rounded touch that features neon-capped lighting to accentuate the building as an architectural showpiece during the evening hours. The interior includes even more etched glass, an enhanced furniture and TV package, and a substantial increase in décor throughout the restaurant for both adult and children entertainment. While these improvements have evolved over time, we are confident that our newest restaurant locations in the San Antonio and Dallas TX area fit the perfect prototype and create the ultimate experience for the Five-Four guest.

Climate Controlled Patios

Many of our high volume locations are accommodated with a unique indoor/outdoor climate controlled seating area that can be utilized on average nine months out of the year. In addition, each restaurant going forward will be equipped with the new patios.

The new patios feature a fully equipped bar with both alcohol and dining capabilities. The climate controlled patio is yet another unique concept that was developed to create an outdoor seating area while controlling all of the environmental inconsistencies of the standard competitor's patio. Guests who appreciate an outdoor environment will achieve the best of both worlds!

Texas Patios

The Texas locations offer a new stylish outdoor look. In addition to the climate controlled patios, all glass nana walls open up to tables as well as couch "style" seating around a live fire pit. With the advantages of the warm climate throughout the year, we were able to create a fun, yet relaxing place to enjoy. Some Texas outdoor locations even have a waterfall!

The New Name Concept - 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse

Beginning with the City Base West location in San Antonio, TX and going forward, we have substantially increased the amount and variety of beers on tap. We are providing anywhere from 32-54 hand picked draft beers from around the world which lead to the name change for these locations only. We also feature Blizzard 29º draft beer which uses cutting edge technology designed to maintain your suds at 29 degrees. Now that's the coldest beer in town!